Get In on the Ground Floor of the Recycle-To-Earn Crypto App Ecoterra – Here’s Why You Should Pay Attention

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Ecoterra is a cutting-edge recycle-to-earn (R2E) project that rewards individuals and businesses for their recycling efforts.

The innovative platform is offering a solution to the world’s life-threatening environmental problems, such as ocean acidification, food waste, air and plastic pollution, and deforestation, among others.

Ecoterra launched its presale campaign on Wednesday and has raised over $31,000 in investment. The platform aims to raise $6.7 million before the coin is listed on exchanges.

Novel Approaches to Fight Climate Change

Ecoterra is a new cryptocurrency startup that employs blockchain technology to promote and facilitate recycling to combat climate change and global warming.

The platform consists of four key components – the Recycle2Earn app, a marketplace for recycled materials, a carbon offset trading platform, and a profile that monitors and records environmental impact.

Global warming and climate change are having adverse effects on our environment. Different means are employed to reduce the detrimental effect, including tree-planting campaigns, beach cleanups, effective waste management, and recycling.

However, proper recycling still faces many challenges, like expensive recycling services and low market demand for recycled materials. 

As a result, ecoterra is attempting to properly educate the public about the importance of recycling through its efforts in green education, as well as to encourage people to recycle while rewarding them for recycling.

The platform has developed a reward program via its recycle-to-earn (R2E) system in which users can earn $ECOTERRA tokens.

R2E is a rewards program the platform uses to encourage users to recycle and earn more incentives and perks. 

Unlike fiat currency, the $ECOTERRA tokens have the potential to appreciate greatly in value and can also be staked to earn dividends passively from ecoterra’s revenue sources.

Harnessing the Power of BlockChain for Environmental Sustainability 

The ecoterra team asserts that the blockchain platform will be adaptable for a myriad of industries and sectors geared towards technology, goods consumption, and green environment sustainability. 

While at it, the eco-friendly crypto project will revolutionize the recycling industry, currently worth $63 billion in 2023 and potentially rise to $88 billion in 2030 via its ecology tasks and utility token. 

The recycle-to-earn platform provides a versatile app that offers members ecology tasks and incentivizes participants with crypto rewards.

The Recycle-2-Earn application is the pillar of the ecoterra ecosystem. It is an all-in-one app that offers recycling tokens and ecology tasks. 

The app allows users to scan the barcodes on plastic, glass, and aluminum cans. They can also scan their utility bills to earn $ECOTERRA toward green energy-generating equipment. 

The scans will automatically match the database created by ecoterra using artificial intelligence.

Another fantastic ecoterra initiative is the marketplace for recycled materials. Users can connect with international companies to purchase various recycled materials. They can also pay for goods with fiat currency, $ECOTERRA tokens, or other cryptocurrencies.

The Carbon Offset Marketplace component of ecoterra allows individuals and companies to offset their carbon emissions by funding initiatives that lessen or eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. Users can buy carbon offsets in this market directly through the app.

Finally, the Impact Trackable Profile enables users to track and share their positive environmental actions within the ecosystem.

Furthermore, these projects are based on blockchain technology. The company has decided that blockchain technology is the best option for facilitating and improving the recycling cycle while combating climate change and global warming.

By implementing blockchain technology, the firm ensures complete transparency, security, and quick transactions with low fees.

In addition to these fundamental components, the project developers envision using blockchain technology in the near future to create a cohesive group of people who share the same values and are motivated to act responsibly.

Buy $ECOTERRA and Save the Environment

$ECOTERRA is an ERC-20 token that powers the entire ecoterra ecosystem. 

At the time of writing, the token is priced at $0.004, with seventeen days left until the price increases. 

While the project is still nascent, it has already raised over $31,000 out of the required $800,000 in the first stage of its presale. 

Interested investors can purchase the token with ETH, USD, or a credit card. 

By the ninth and final stage, one ECOTERRA token will cost $0.01, representing a 150% increase over the initial sale price.

This means early investors could profit handsomely when the token is listed on exchanges.


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