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Got gold? Biggest gold ETF attracts investors as the ‘safe haven’ yellow metal shines

There’s been a bit of a gold rush lately. Read More

‘Every time the bulls think they can celebrate, the Fed or the Treasury throws cold water on the party.’

This rally so far is an oversold one. S&P 500 resistance is at 4040, with support at 3760, writes Lawrence McMillan. Read More

This Gabelli financial-fund manager has bucked this year’s brutal banking trend. Here are 3 stocks he likes now.

Macrae Sykes of Gabelli highlights stocks of growing financial services companies that are attractively priced. Read More

Bank insider action tells us the battered financial sector is a buy: These 4 regional bank stocks are tempting those in the know.

Community bank insiders are aggressively buying their companies’ shares in the banking sector’s sell-off, writes Michael Brush. Read More

The bank panic of 2023 could be just what the stock market needs to make money for investors again

After the SVB and Credit Suisse implosions, the S&P 500 can be expected to bottom in April or May and post a double-digit gain by March 2024. Read More

GameStop investors are playing by rules you’ll find in a casino more than a stock portfolio

Lottery-type stocks like GameStop, AMC Entertainment and Bed Bath & Beyond have delivered speculative gains but typically underperform the market. Read More

Can Social Security keep pace with high inflation? Maybe not, but you can still fight back.

The 8.7% COLA for Social Security recipients in 2023 may not be not enough to offset rising prices. Read More

These tech giants stand to win by helping companies use AI to cut costs and automate

Cisco, Broadcom, Oracle, HPE and Adobe are industry leaders with innovative strategies and strong financials, writes Daniel Newman. Read More

Amazon didn’t make money for a decade, but those losses weren’t even close to what startup companies and their investors face now.

Startup losses, which have been cumulating for years, are a problem for venture capitalists, stockholders and lenders like SVB.  Read More

ESG, ‘dirty money’ and tax benefits: Customized ‘direct-indexing’ portfolios aren’t just for the rich anymore.

How index-fund investors can tailor a values-based approach to portfolio allocation. Read More

A small-cap fund guru explains why you need to invest in small companies: they’re the stock market’s undiscovered nuggets.

Chuck Royce, of Royce Investment Partners, has more than 50 years of experience investing in small, lesser-known companies. Read More

Does your personality determine your success as an investor?

When it comes to your money, your personality may be your fate. Read More

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