These money and investing tips can help you go with the stock-market’s flow

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This cash-cow stock strategy is attracting lots of money. Here are its top 10 picks.

The Pacer U.S. Cash Cows ETF has been a strong performer since the bull market for stocks ended. Read More

Beating the stock market over time is next to impossible, but you should still try.

Even a tiny belief that a skilled investor can outperform an index is enough to take a chance. Read More

The stock market is telling you loud and clear: Now is not the time to fight the Fed or stand up to the bears.

The S&P 500 faces strong resistance up to 4200, writes Lawrence McMillan. Read More

The only market forecast that should matter to stock investors: When does the Fed decide that higher inflation is OK?

To avoid a hard landing for the economy, central bankers may have to accept an inflation rate above 2%. Read More

As money-market funds rake in cash, analysts see debt-ceiling risks 

Investors seeking safety and yield should look to more broadly diversified money funds, researchers say. Read More

Why daylight-saving time and your NCAA ‘March Madness’ bracket threaten your investments

Sleep deprivation and feeling down when your favorite college basketball team loses can impair your decision-making, writes Mark Hulbert. Read More

20 income-building stocks that the numbers say could become elite Dividend Aristocrats

These companies have been raising dividends significantly and steadily for at least five years. Read More

Stocks won’t make you big money over the next decade, but they’re your best bet to beat inflation. The guru of index investing explains why.

The author of ‘A Random Walk Down Wall Street’ says to dollar-cost-average into broad-based stock-index funds and forget trying to beat the market. Read More

‘Slim majority’ of actively-managed U.S. large-cap equity mutual funds fail to beat S&P 500 in 2022

A slight majority of actively-managed mutual funds that invest in U.S. large-cap stocks lagged the S&P 500 again in 2022, struggling over the long term to beat the index, according to an annual scorecard from a division of S&P Global.  Read More

Artificial intelligence is going to replace all but the best stock-picking pros

Your future stock-fund manager could be an AI robot — and you’ll be richer for it , writes Mark Hulbert. Read More

Vanguard gets fresh pressure from retirement investors for relaxing its climate-change stance

Letter backed by 1,400 customers charges Vanguard with ‘breach of fiduciary duty’ and lagging the financial-services industry when it comes to climate and ESG. Read More

Moving overseas may seem like a ticket to an easier life, but money and financial concerns still go with you.

Living outside of the U.S. presents new challenges for managing your money. If you have a financial adviser, talk before you go. Read More

This money coach gets pro athletes into top financial shape. Here are his 5 training tips for people who come into sudden wealth.

Most professional athletes face money problems soon after retirement, while lottery winners spend away most of their windfall. Read More

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