iCAD’s AI shows promise in breast cancer detection

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NASHUA, N.H. – iCAD, Inc. (NASDAQ: NASDAQ:), a company specializing in AI-powered cancer detection solutions, presented new clinical data at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) annual meeting in Vienna, which took place from February 28 to March 3, 2024. The data suggest that iCAD’s ProFound Detection AI may help reduce breast interval cancer rates and decrease recall rates without increasing false negatives.

A study from the Reggio Emilia Breast Screening Program in Italy, using iCAD’s ProFound AI 2D system, indicated that the integration of the company’s AI mammography case malignancy scoring could reduce radiologists’ workload by up to 30.6%.

This reduction was achieved without compromising diagnostic accuracy, as the study found a modest improvement in recall rate and no increase in false negatives.

Another study, involving 151,245 screening mammograms, examined whether ProFound AI could reduce the occurrence of interval carcinomas, which are cancers detected between regular screening appointments. The software is expected to enhance detection rates and is suggested to potentially outperform radiologists in identifying these cancers.

Additionally, the AI was shown to expedite the diagnostic process for likely true positive cases, complying with regulations requiring readings within two weeks. A retrospective analysis demonstrated that prioritizing exams with higher AI-generated case scores could identify the majority of screen-detected cancers while significantly reducing the number of exams that required reading.

The conference also featured a poster presentation that won the Certificate of Merit award, showcasing the potential of using Breast Arterial Calcification (BAC) detected by ProFound AI Heart Health as a biomarker for evaluating cardiovascular disease in women.

A score of 3 or higher was linked to a higher rate of significant atherosclerotic disease, suggesting BAC assessment could be instrumental in identifying individuals for further cardiovascular screening.

iCAD’s latest enhancements to its ProFound Detection solution aim to improve readability for radiologists by limiting lesion marks and introducing a color-coded scorecard. These updates, along with expanded cloud platform and subscription licensing plans, are part of iCAD’s strategy to provide ongoing software improvements and support.

This information is based on a press release statement from iCAD, Inc. The company continues to focus on providing AI-powered solutions for early cancer detection and improving patient outcomes.

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